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3 CV Building Tips From Our Recruitment Consultants

Top CV Tips, Building my CV, CV for Digital Roles, CV for Tech Roles, Digital & Tech Recruitment Agency, EDIT Recruitment, Tips from our Consultants

Hello and Happy Friday! We’re so excited to be sharing our top CV Building tips from EDIT’s very own Recruitment experts.

CV Building can be a daunting (and time-consuming!) task. We’ve all been there; the realisation that we have abandoned updating our resume, for months… if not years.

You may think that this isn’t an essential task, but when applying for new roles, or even just updating it with recent skills, keeping on top of your CV building can both relieve stress and also prepare you for the future.


Not to talk too much on the negative front, but if you are unexpectedly made redundant, having an updated CV to hand could ease the pressures of both redundancy and reflecting on your career, at the same time; therefore, putting you in the best position to move forward.

On another, more positive note, having a CV that is representative of your current situation could actually come in very handy! You may be offered an award or promotion at work and have to provide your CV as evidence of your skills. Having this already prepared will just work even more so in your favour. Win, win!

So – without further ado, here are Nathan and Jack’s 3 top CV Building Tips.

1. Keep your key-skills a focal point!

Nathan states that you should: “Keep your key-skills a focal point at the top of your CV”.

Whilst a CV should include extensive details on everything from your work experience, qualifications and interests, a summary of your key skills and qualities at the top of your résumé will ensure that the ‘best bits’ don’t get lost within the depths of your writing.

Noting your key-skills first will context to your CV. You can then ensure that you evidence the skills and qualities with real-life examples.

From a recruiters perspective, it also provides recruiters and employers with the most important information first – helping them to cross-reference with the job description.

2. Include relevant information, that is specific to the job role:

If you’re applying for a new role or internal promotion, be sure to include information that is specific to the job role, within your CV.

We encourage you to take your time when reading through a job description. Make sure that you apply as much of your own knowledge and experience to the job spec and what is been asked of the ‘ideal applicant’.

3. Demonstrate a portfolio of work:

Jack and Nathan both agree, that being able to demonstrate a portfolio of work is hugely important. Whether this is Creative Work, Copywriting or Website and App Design; producing a portfolio will add validation to your skills and experience, as outlined in your written CV. The more creative, the better, we say!

To be able to outline projects that you have worked on, again, will only back up this further. Think about including feedback and testimonials, as well as visuals, to make your CV even more captivating for your reader.

Over the next couple of months, will keep you updated with more CV Building Tips.

Don’t forget, if you’d like to take a peek at our Vacancies page, we have an abundance of excellent Digital & Tech Roles up for grabs! Alternatively, if you have any queries about a role that you wish to apply for, you can send us a message.


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