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What’s been going on over the past six months? Equally, what do we have to look forward over the rest of the year?

The past six months have, as we’re sure you’ll agree, absolutely flown by!

After the absolute muddle of a year (and a half!), thank you, ‘you know who’; we’re hopefully coming out of the other end. Whilst the past year has been less than ideal in the way of restrictions and not knowing whether we’re coming or going, there has, undoubtedly, been many highs for EDIT Recruitment!

With EDIT Recruitment still in its infancy, it’s brilliant to see the direction that the business is taking so far. From our extensive charity work, to the amazing team behind us and the clients whose Tech & IT roles we are so happy to work on.

Furthermore, in these past six months, we have helped pair many individuals with the perfect roles for them. We’ve also been so lucky to receive many glowing testimonials, along with developing relationships with both candidates and clients that we hope will last a very long time.

So, without further ado, I’ll pass it over to the team to delve into more detail about what their ‘best bits’ were from the first half of the year…

What have you enjoyed the most about the past six months at EDIT?

Nathan, our MD says: “The past 6 months at EDIT as a collective, we have enjoyed a great period of growth bringing invaluable team members in Jack, Shaune and Martin, who add to the skillset of the whole team. This enables us to offer more to our clients and candidates and make the process of recruitment smoother and much more enjoyable.”

Following on, Jack states what he has most enjoyed about his time at EDIT: “Being part of a great team and being a part of the company’s growth. It’s great to feel like an integral part of the growth rather than just a cog in the machine

Shaune also mentions the developing team culture! “In my time here at EDIT there is so much to love, but to express my most loved aspects about EDIT I would have to say the people, the culture and the office space”

What are you looking forward to in the upcoming months – both on a personal and career level?

Nathan says “The next 6 months as a collective will see more growth for the company, more exciting work on a whole and the opening of our contract desk. We will be planning other innovative services within the recruitment sector ready to launch next year.

Martin is also excited about the growth of the contract desk! He also reveals what he is most looking forward to, in the next six months:

“Being trusted to set up the contract desk and help develop business for EDIT, whilst also assisting with the placement of candidates into permanent positions.”

Finally, Shaune mentions what he is most looking forward to: “There is so much to look forward to in the next 6 months. In my work life, I’m looking forward to progressing further in my position as well as attaining further knowledge on the specifics of the industry. In my home life, I am looking forward to multiple holidays that are just around the corner!

Do you have a best personal achievement in your time here at EDIT – is there anything that you feel most proud about achieving or overcoming?

Shaune’s best personal achievement in his time with EDIT was his first placement! He follows on to say: “Specifically, I would love to be able to climb the ladder in my current role. My focus over the rest of the year is to listen and learn from my seniors in order to do so.”

Meanwhile, Jack’s most valuable achievement is being able to share his knowledge with other members of the team.

What will you look to focus on, over the rest of the year – is there anything that you specifically would like to achieve or improve on?

Nathan states: “My focus in the next 6 months is getting the business to where I and Benjamin would like it to be in the next 5 years. I will also be working with clients to help expand their teams with the right people and getting more retained contracts throughout the UK.”

Martin says: “Developing business, increasing the number of candidates, being able to offer temp contract developers and IT support staff, and hopefully placing candidates into roles. In addition, I am aiming to increase my IT knowledge by familiarising myself with programming languages, and maybe learning how to write code!

Furthermore, Jack is looking forward to seeing just how much growth we can achieve in the upcoming months, as well as; “Solidifying relationships with existing clients and showing new clients the level of service we can offer as a company. I’m also looking forward to everything going back to normal again! On a career level, seeing just how high we can push EDIT in the next 6 months and setting the foundations for exponential growth

With so much to look forward to, including the launch of our first podcast, ‘Connected’, our charity work and delivering our ‘Candidate Led’ vision; helping pair people with their dream IT, Tech and Digital roles, we’re sure that the upcoming months will be just as amazing as the most recent!

Don’t forget, you can keep up-to-date with office life, as well as EDIT’s exciting new roles and ‘Top Tips’ over on Instagram.

If you, too, would like to find your dream role; for all of our permanent vacancies, please visit here.


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