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Hello! This week, we’re talking ‘Laravel Web Development’, which has recently been voted as the best PHP Website Framework

Laravel Framework, Laravel Web Development, Laravel, PHP, EDIT Recruitment, Digital & Tech Recruitment, Recruitment Specialists, Laravel Jobs, Laravel Websites

At EDIT, we’ve certainly seen a flurry of roles become available for PHP developers, specifically, Laravel. Furthermore, with more businesses looking to expand their digital and dev teams, we have been keen to explore the benefits of Laravel for businesses across the board.

What is the Laravel framework and its benefits for businesses?

It’s a well-known fact that PHP website frameworks are the most popular sources for web development.

And, as for Laravel?

Laravel is a web framework, primarily designed to facilitate web creation using web tools, web services and web APIs for a wide variety of purposes.

Laravel web development is, undoubtably, one of the most important technologies in 2021, this is because of its unique MVC architecture model. With Laravel being centred around this MVC model, the architecture is capable of producing outcomes rapidly and precisely. Which for business owners, we’re sure you’ll agree, is absolutely ideal!

Furthermore, the interactive and elegant syntax that Laravel offers can ease and accelerate the development process, enabling systems to stand out without additional time constraints. Again, a win, win for business owners and development teams.

Laravel also has a variety of robust features, yet boasts simplicity. Not forgetting, a lively community of developers.

Why is Laravel so popular?

As a result of Laravel’s unique features, there’s no surprise that there is a demand for Laravel sites and therefore, developers.

Another reason that Laravel is on the rise for web creation, is that developers can access Laracasts, which offers specialised learning tools, advanced learning, and practice resources. Both free tutorials and premium expert tutorials offer developers problem-solving opportunities in relation to coding.

This enhanced usability stands out from other platforms, such as; CakePHP, Symfony and Codeigniter.

Along with this, Laravel offers a highly secure platform for web app development, unit testing facilities, consistent updates (perfect for future-proofing apps, that will stand the test of time!), and Blade Template Engine, to further simplify coding.

Nathan, our Director, says:

“PHP has vastly expanded over the last 5/6 years due to its versatility and ease to build apps in. Over the last few years, we’ve seen the rise in a number of PHP MVC frameworks that make the functionality and third-party connections smoother and allow modular development. PHP has taken over the popularity of .NET and C# and has become the most popular software development language.

In my honest opinion, we’ll soon see a rise of JavaScript for full stack app development.”

Laravel Roles with EDIT Recruitment, Digital & Technical Specialists:

Laravel has a lot of advantages for both startups and businesses. These benefits have a direct proportion to an increase in the business, customers & revenue.

To discover our current PHP Laravel vacancies, please visit our ‘Vacancies’ page. Alternatively, If you’d like to chat further about Laravel roles, please do feel free to get in contact with one of our specialists, or send across your CV so we can gladly take a look for you.

On that note, remember to take a read of our top CV building tips. We will be regularly updating this feature with great advice from our consultants; helping you obtain the most from your CV!


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