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After last week’s blog, we thought it would be the perfect time to offer some advice on how to look after your work-life balance, in order to improve and even, prioritise your well-being.

In case you weren’t in the know, this week is Mental Health Awareness Week; the perfect moment to talk about managing that all-important work/life balance. We’ve talked about why it is important to have a healthy work-life balance, this week we have an abundance of top tips for you.

You get it, right? We’ve all been there! Whilst we live in a society where working hard and going over and above is the norm – it is also important that we are able to switch off and prioritise our well-being. We need to prioritise ourselves

We’re all well-aware that busy schedules, increasingly demanding roles and remote work puts pressure on logging off when we’re supposed to. Furthermore, it has become harder to resist responding to that *one* email, to check a social account or to pick up that phone call.

With all of the above in mind, it is important to understand that everyone has a life outside of work – whether you love music, going on long, relaxing hikes, or socialising with your nearest over a bottle (or two!). You may even just love sitting, doing absolutely nothing at all.

Our point is, is that no matter what you love spending your free time doing, you should be able to do freely without stresses of work or the urge to pick up work when really, you should be focussing on yourself.

Let’s all start today, to adopt a health work/life balance!

EDIT Recruitment, Digital & Tech Recruitment Agency, K2 Recruitment, Remote work Tips, Mental Health Awareness Week, Stress in the Workplace

Develop a morning ritual, centred around your favourite activities:

Do you now work remotely and save hours on travelling to the office? Why not utilise that time for good? Make time to work out, eat a nutritional breakfast or spend time practising a hobby. Put simply, schedule these saved hours, or even half an hour, as non-negotiable ‘me’ time.

By creating a perfect morning ritual helps make the most out of your day. It results in increased productivity and better mental and physical wellbeing. This goes for if you work from home, or in the office.

Schedule ‘Time Out’ & Practice time-blocking

Flexibility is one of the biggest benefits of working from home because you can choose your convenient work schedule that best suits your productivity levels. But, this freedom may sometimes result in a poor schedule and further jeopardise the quality of your work and lifestyle.

So, instead of working aimlessly throughout the day, it’s helpful to schedule a work-from-home workday.

You may feel isolated, stressed, and bored while working remotely. To overcome this, schedule some productive breaks throughout working hours, between your tasks and to-do lists. Taking breaks lowers stress levels and improves productivity.

Furthermore, a relaxing end-of-day ritual helps separate your personal and professional life. Turn off your computer at the scheduled time, go for a walk and enjoy some of your favourite activities.

Use Productivity Tools:

Productivity is one common challenge for remote workers. Fortunately, several good productivity tools help automate your daily tasks. These tools allow for effective collaboration that further leads to improved productivity, whilst reducing stress.

Some of the best productivity tools you can use are:

  • Asana: Project and task management
  • To-Do List: For effective communication, project management & workflow platform
  • Trello: Collaborative team and task management
  • Zoom/ Microsoft Teams: Remote video communication platform

Cook, Instead of Ordering

Unhealthy eating habits have become a concern among many remote workers. Eating desserts for breakfast, snacking frequently, and indulging on delivered brunches! These are quite common scenes, that we’re all guilty of!

Rather, you should consider this as a great opportunity to feed your body healthily. You should have more time to prepare more nutritious meals. Take some time to research some new recipes that inspire you, whilst you work from home.

Design an ideal workspace that keeps work and life seperate

A lack of physical boundaries between your workspace and home can disrupt the work-life balance. Get a dedicated workspace where you can focus solely on your job. Perhaps you have an office space already, or can set yourself up on the kitchen table?

Regardless of the shape and size, find a place that supports your daily workflow and avoids distractions of your household, enabling an easy work environment and relaxing ‘personal time’.

Learn to say “No!”

Many people struggle to say no, fearing anger, rejection, or disappointments. We get used to saying yes, and this easily makes us stressed. This eventually risks your mental health, especially when you’re very busy.

What’s the solution? Learn to say “No!”

When you are overstretched, saying no shows your professionalism and reinforces the value of your time. Be kind, clear, and respectful while delivering your no.

Don’t Strive for Perfection & Be Kind to Yourself

When you are at home full time, you have to take care of both personal and professional responsibilities. This may jeopardise your productivity and pressure you. So, practice being kind to yourself.

Whilst working from home, it may be easier to try and combat ‘perfection’. This could be because of a lack of team surrounding you, so the desire to drive projects to a quicker pace. Remember, you’re only human!

Take Time to Socialise

Whether you have a catch up with your team online or make time to have a walk and coffee in the park with a friend, it is important that you don’t isolate yourself whilst working from home.

Make time for yourself, as well as your friends and family! This will in turn, make you happier, and allow you to talk through any issues and stresses with the people who you trust the most.

If you haven’t already, remember to take a read of our previous blog “The Importance of a Healthy, Remote Work-Life Balance”. Whilst on the topic of Mental Health Awareness, this week, Nathan, Our Director, has been running 45 miles for two chosen Mental Health charities. Take a read of his story!

How do you adopt looking after well-being, whilst working from home? Let us know in the comments section below.


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