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We speak to our dedicated consultants at EDIT Recruitment to chat about their top tips for employers, when managing candidate experience during the recruitment process

So, you’ve identified a hiring need? Brilliant! The next steps in the hiring process can be complex, daunting and exciting. Whether you choose to hire yourself or get in contact with a specialist recruitment agency, there are considerations that need to be taken from yourself, the client, in order to pull in the best talent, and equally, to retain that talent.

The need to manage candidate experience and expectations have grown significantly in recent years. Increasingly, employers are becoming more aware of the potential damage that can be done to a brand, as a result, if the recruitment process isn’t up to scratch in the candidate’s eyes. If a candidate considers the recruitment process as lengthy or unorganised, a huge 56% would be left with an overall negative image of the company and 44% would share this experience with their peers.

Without further ado, let’s pass it over to our expert, recruitment consultants here at EDIT.

tips to employers in the recruitment process, making candidate experience, recruitment, digital & tech agency, interview, hull recruitment agency, career advancement, EDIT Recruitment

Recruitment Consultant, Jack says:

  • Speed – the main issue affecting candidate experience at the minute seems to be speed. In order to keep candidates engaged in such a candidate short market, the process has to be quick. Nathan, our director also reiterates that speed is a key concern, too. “It’s a very candidate-driven market and things happen fast. If we can’t get feedback quickly there’s potential they could get offers from elsewhere.
  • Flexibility – even though many candidates are more flexible with the times they can interview due to remote working, the interviewer has to be flexible to potentially interview out of office hours – waiting a week to fit in an interview during work hours slows the process too much.
  • Sales – in a time when candidates have so many opportunities the interviewer has to be able to sell the role/company to the candidate

Nathan continues to say:

  • Respect – Candidates take time out of their day to attend interviews. Notice for interviews and cancellations is key if needed.
  • Offers – Make offers as detailed as possible

If the candidate is in a couple of hiring processes, a detailed, in depth offer could be the cherry on the cake. Include a formal, dated letter of offer, including all relevant job details, contingencies, benefits, a job offer expiration date and closing. Finally, ensure to express excitement in welcoming the candidate to the organisation.

Martin, our new recruitment consultant also gives his thoughts!

  • Candidate experience (similar to Jack’s) – “The first experience that the candidate may have of the client could be the one that has the lasting effect; getting off on the wrong foot may result in warning signs of things to come.”

Again, similar to Jack’s…. Instead of asking the candidate ‘What can you do for us / what can you bring to the company…?’, try asking ‘What can we do for you?’. 

Candidates will appreciate the support and investment in their future with the company; goals, ongoing training and support to meet them; where the company sees the candidate in the next 1, 2, 3 years etc…

  • ‘The Perfect Candidate?’ “Don’t pass a candidate by for not ‘ticking all of the boxes’. The longer you wait to be offered for the perfect candidate, the chances are that he or she will not materialise.”

Thank you to the team for getting involved and sharing your tips. For employers and clients, we hope that you find this useful when moving forward with clients in the recruitment process.

If you’re a candidate, recruiter or business owner – do you have any further advice? Let us know! Alternatively, if you’d like to get in touch with our team in regards to your candidate-driven recruitment and staffing needs, we would be delighted to chat further.


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